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Why I Left One Essential Oil Company and Joined Young Living and Never Looked Back!

Well, what a crazy year it’s been for me! As the year closed I became reflective and began to look forward to the future. I hope like you 2019 is positive year full of new opportunities, but some of those opportunities, I believe come from within, it is what we make of them…

With that in mind and amazing things already beginning to unfold for me in my functional medicine health practice, my coaching business now in full swing, I have dedicated my spare time to educating myself further in the subjects of botany and aromatherapy; so I can help others on their health journey in the most natural and healing way our planet knows. There is SO much scientific evidence out there to show that these two models; botany and aromatherapy should be part of our everyday lives. They can help cure, heal and help us thrive in our overloaded toxic modern environment.

Over the last year I have helped clients lose weight, prepare their bodies so they are able to get pregnant, reduce thyroid medication and symptoms for several women, help one person overcome testicular cancer that had metastasised, overcome school sores in days not weeks and reduce toxins, heavy metals and reverse diabetes. Huge, right?

In the last two years I’ve also fought myself back to health, from a diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease, using natural foods, essential oils, nature and relaxation techniques.

My BIGGEST and most EXCITING news is that through my research and study, I was given the knowledge to not only keep my dad alive, but kicking arse and living life to the full! Dad is battling Stage 4 Lung cancer and has been for more than 3 years. He was doing well on an immune therapy trial from America but sadly in October it stopped working and his primary tumour grew nearly 11cm in 10 weeks. He was told he had 8 weeks max. We were devastated.

Then he said, “Ok Mel, tell me what you know about de-toxing and healing the body, I’m ready to go down your hippy dippy clean eating lifestyle if you think it will make a difference. I’m ready to do anything”.

Well at 80 years of age, very set in his ways and toxins coming out of every pore, we set to work. It wasn’t easy, but the results have been outstanding!

We began cleaning out his pantry, stopped the sugars, grains, dairy and starches and we de-toxed his house by removing toxic cleaning products replacing them with Thieves household cleaner, replaced the soaps shower gels, washing powder and toothpaste with the Young Living range, mostly Thieves products. We sealed the deal with intravenous Vitamin C in megadoses as well as introducing many healing and cancer fighting essential oils, we started on this oil protocol which included ingestion of the oils in B17 oil, topical application and inhalation through out the day and night.

I needed assurance that I was using the purest, unadulterated and therefore therapeutic grade essential oils to give my Dad the best chance. It was while during my research that I started to question if my old oil company ticked all my boxes and started to investigate the alternatives, which is when I came across the mother company of essential oils,

as you know not the company I was currently using. My research into Sacred Frankincense and their Ningxia Red drink led me to order these products, the cleaning products and some of their oils to try (the Sacred Frankincense is reputed to kill cancer cells which I learnt about on You Tube, online in Pub Med papers and through university research trials and Ningxia Red is full of immune busting compounds) and after receiving them and using them I’m glad to say we wasn’t disappointed. The scent, the quality and experience in my opinion was so much more intense and powerful.

His oncologist can’t believe how well he is doing and that he’s still here, his palliative care provider can’t believe it either and has said she doesn’t want to see him for four months!!! So, we can’t wait to see the results of his next scan.

He has also been exercising to build muscle and can now perform 10 push-ups at 80 years of age! Lifestyle change, getting rid of toxins and using the essential oils has made a profound and huge change in his environment for his body to heal.

I have nothing against the old essential oil company I used, but I had become a little disappointed that in a lot of their products I could not and would not recommend to my clients, family or friends because of some unsavoury ingredients that are listed as known carcinogens. I had emailed the company a few years back to see if they would change these ingredients and they would not.

Then at this time a good friend I had studied with had recently switched to Young Living from the other leading essential oil brand after comparing the two companies and was so impressed decided to go and explore their farms in Utah, (like you do, ha ha!). She found out that, for example, the lemon oil in the other range uses 35 lemons to make the oil, compared to 75 lemons for the YL oil. So how was this? Were the other oils not as concentrated or pure as they say they are???

From a clinical and scientific standpoint, I dug deeper, I didn’t want to carry on using an oil that wasn’t as pure or as concentrated, I wanted to help my dad, but I also wanted to suggest the BEST oils for my health coaching clients as well, and I myself wasn’t behind the other company 100 percent. Especially, as I had had negative feedback from trying to change the cancer causing chemicals in some of their products.

I have continued with my research, have put YL oils side by side some other bigger brands and I am more than happy with my choice to change.

Here is a summary of what my research told me and why I believe Young Living are the world leaders in essential oils and why they produce the highest quality essential oils on the planet:

1. They own their own farms (or have exclusive rights to partner farms subject to the same rigorous standards).

2. They freshly distil the oils on site (with low temperature steam distillation).

3. They do more testing than any other oils company in the world.

4. They above give Young Living total control from planting of the seeds, harvesting, distillation, testing and sealing of the bottle: this Seed to Seal policy makes Young Living unique.

5. The oils are beyond organic: they are therapeutic-grade (all of the chemical constituents in the plant are present in the oil at the highest and most consistent bioactive levels).

6. The oils vibrate at a higher vibrational frequency as the plant from which they came.

7. They are the only essential oils company in the world that do not fractionate any of their oils i.e. do not double or triple distil the oils to make a sweeter smelling oil and therefore remove the molecules that make them therapeutic.

8. Gary Young, the founder, was regarded as the world’s leading authority on essential oils and reminded us “we are farmers first” and to always put quality before profits. Today Young Living still remains a family run business.

I am so impressed with ALL their products I have used so far (and they have a lot! Over 500 safe to use products).

We at Paleonutter indorse this brand whole-heartedly and are happy to share their products and embrace the business side of Young Living. I am really happy to share my experience so far with as many people, so they may achieve a healthier lifestyle. As I just mentioned, not only are the oils so varied, rich and pure they also have the MOST AMAZING range of products for your home, your baby, children, your pets, your man, your woman, your home etc.

Bendy and I have sat painfully putting all of the Young Livings ingredients of their products from their brochure through the Chemical Maze app and in the EWG website (Environmental Working Group). They come out completely chemical free, all getting 1 or 2 green faces or a number 1 or 2, meaning safe to use. There were 3 products that ideally from a health coaching prospective we would steer clear from at this moment. We are looking into these as you read this, they are chemically sound, but potentially may aggravate a client who had certain allergies. Young Living are very open to listening to their members and have last year changed their Sunscreen after a consumer emailed them about 1 ingredient they weren’t happy with. You can’t ask more than that!

It’s an amazing one-stop shop that gets delivered to your door a few days later once you have put your order in online. The reward points are generous and you still earn points towards freebies and gifts if you enrol on their essential rewards program. This is not necessary though, but you do also get all the products at a 24% wholesale price too and a reduced shipping fee.

Recently, the biggest change for me in my home was beginning to use Young Living’s cleaning range. When you are cleaning you want your non-chemical cleaner to actually work and not cost the earth. No making up chemical free potions from Pinterest, because I couldn’t afford the ‘natural ones’ that are quite pricey from a good health food shop.

The Thieves household cleaner can be used in many ways around the home and I now wouldn’t use anything else on my bench tops, bathrooms and floors. My shower screens have never been cleaner and even Bendy loves them after seeing first-hand how fantastic the products are. They seem to last forever too, so economical and environmentally safe.

I began using essential oils to make everything smell nice, which they do, I then made up my first migraine stick for Poppy (our daughter), then I slowly replaced all of the things in my first aid kit with essential oils which is now turbo charged with the exceptional therapeutic qualities of Young Livings oils.

The big kids love the hand soap, shampoo and toothpaste in the Young Living range so I feel like I’m winning. The other biggest change for me is the amazing healing aromas. Young living has so many more oils and blends ready to go, so if one doesn’t sing to you, you’ll bet there is another oil that does. We are all so unique and different and what works on one person, may not necessarily work on someone else. My “pure-fume’ range is so much nicer and I get compliments every time I wear a homemade pure-fume using my new Young Living oils.

Knowing that I’m not putting toxic chemicals around where my thyroid is again peace of mind that I’m not loading my body with unnecessary toxins.

If you are interested in finding out more about Young Living and their huge range of clean living products, Bendy and I are more than happy to run a home workshop for you.

If you would like to come with us and join our wonderful team Sydney based Team then message us or go directly to the Young Living account and sign up using this code 17571261 for us to be your enroller and sponsor.

This is a link to the product page to see all of their range;


and this is the link to explain more about YOUNG LIVING if you are interested.


Last of all before you go, here is an interesting comparison of the 2 main essential oil companies for your information, but like everything we share, we always say educate yourself, research for you and always do what works best for you:


Wishing you happiness and health for 2019.

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