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Have you seen Cereal Killers?

If you've never heard of him, Professor Tim Noakes used to be a competitive marathon runner and is on of the world's top scientists as far as nutrition is concerned.

He wrote a book which became the long distance runner's bible and is still held in high esteem today.

It was all for 'carb loading' for these events. However, thirty years after it was written Noakes has been very public about admitting he was wrong and that science has moved on. He now rips up the book on stage. He's an advocate of the 'Banting' diet which is similar to Paleo/LCHF apart from they allow dairy products like cheese, cream and butter. Basically a high fat diet with sugar, processed food, and wheat and grains banned.

He made a statement in the media that the best diet for a weaning baby was Banting and this has ended up with him in court being tried for professional misconduct by the establishment in South Africa.

It's now given him a voice and it's looking like all it's going to do is prove him right. I sincerely hope so. This man is saving lives.

He appears in the movies 'Cereal Killers' and 'Cereal Killers 2 - Run on Fat', which if you haven't seen you really must. They were life changing movies for me.

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